An early morning wintery view of the Sibillini Mountains, Le Marche, Italy from our garden

An early morning wintery view of the Sibillini Mountains, Le Marche, Italy from our garden

Self-catering holiday apartments near the Sibillini Mountains in Le Marche, Italy

Spring with Locust trees in flower

This area of Le Marche has a relatively mild climate compared to Tuscany or Umbria. However the summers can still be very hot. Spring and autumn are the optimum time for sporting activities such as hiking. Spring is also an excellent time of the year to view the wonderful displays of wild flowers that can be found in the mountains.

July is, in our experience, the hottest and driest month; but even then temperatures rarely rise above 35 degrees celsius.

We generally get a couple of weeks snow in winter. At higher levels, of course, on the ski runs there is generally snow from January to March.

Autumn colours
Winter starts around mid-November. Even after that time there can be weeks when the temperature climbs above 25 degrees celsius in the sunshine. Just the time for a winter break as flights cost very little. Check out the forecast and you could find yourself sunbathing in the middle of winter! Of course as soon as the sun goes down you need to wrap up, get that log fire burning and open a bottle of something warming!
The nearest large towns for checking the forecast are Macerata (which tends to be a few degrees hotter) and Ascoli Piceno. The most reliable forecast we have found to be from Assam. It is in Italian but the symbols are self-explanatory. It gives a four day forecast.The il meteo forecast will give you a 15 day forecast, not very accurate and tends to be negative (ie. predicts a lot of rain, when you may experience a shower). However it does give an idea of trends. The website meteowebcam also does a long term forecast as well as allowing you to access the webcams around Italy and, more importantly, Le Marche.

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