Wild flowers in the Sibillini Mountains, Le Marche, Italy

Wild flowers in the Sibillini Mountains, Le Marche, Italy

Self-catering holiday apartments near the Sibillini Mountains in Le Marche, Italy

On the way to Monte Sybille in the Sibillini Mountains, Le Marche, Italy

Casa Carotondo an ideal location for a walking holiday

Casa Carotondo is the ideal base for a walking holiday in the Sibillini Mountains. The apartments are located within easy reach of several classic routes such as Tre Vescovi, Golla dell'Infernacio or Grotto dei Frati in the mountains. We have both done a lot of walking in the Sibillini Mountains and can help you, if you wish, with route planning.

The woodland area around Casa Carotondo is good for short walks of 1-2 hours. While the town of Sarnano has identified nine routes starting in the town, which can be used for walking or mountain biking. These routes have been graded according to difficulty. They are described online under the heading Percorsi MTB and are a good way of getting to know the area around Sarnano. They do tend to get overgrown in summer however.

The head of the Tenna Valley in the Sibillini Mountains, Le Marche, Italy

Walking in the Sibillini National Park

The National Park has identified a number of nature trails that are suitable, as they describe it, for those with either little time or fitness and are a good way of seeing different areas of the Sibillini National Park. There are, of course, a wide range of routes on the mountains themselves, from the relatively flat in the piano grande around Casteluccio to the very steep and only for the very fit. A route around the entire range of the mountains, called the Grand Anello is also available. It is 120km long and altitudes range from 560m to 1790. It is non-technical and does not require extreme fitness. A description of suggested hikes as well as the Grand Anello itself is available online. The descriptions include Google Earth maps and downloadable GPS files in a number of different formats.
Monte Argentella, Sibillini Mountains, Le Marche, Italy

You will need a map!

A map is essential when walking in the mountains. A 1:25000 map of walks can be purchased locally in tabacchi, newsagents or online. The national park offer a 1:50000 map which can also be bought online as can the guide book for the Grand Anello which is available in English. Kompass do a map of the Sibillini mountains at the 1:50000 scale. This includes hiking and mountain biking routes. You can now also get an app from either Google Play or the App Store, search for it using the word 'Sibillini'. This is produced by Edizioniser, who produce the 1.25000 maps. You can get an overview of it from the website
Passo Cativo in the Sibillini Mountains, Le Marche, Italy

There are guide books of the Sibillini Mountains

The Sibillini National Park sell a guide book with route descriptions in either English or Italian. This does not seem to be available online currently but can be purchased locally in newsagents or at the Case del Parco. The Cicerone series of walking guide books includes an edition on the Sibillini Mountains from 2009. We have a copy of both these books at Casa Carotondo, you are welcome to borrow them.

When using Italian guide books, check the walk description carefully before embarking on it. The term dislivello is often used and means the difference between ascent and descent and not the actual total ascent or descent, which in the Sibillini can be quite a lot.

WinterWalking in the Sibillini Mountains, Le Marche, Italy

Join a guided walk in the Sibillini Mountains

If you do not feel confident walking on your own, you can join guided walks in the Sibillini Mountains. Both the Sibillini National Park and the Club Alpino Italiano offer guided walks of varying levels of difficulty through the year. The Club Alpino Italiano publish a list of their walks each year. This list is available locally. The walks are graded and a contact person is assigned to each walk. The organisation Passamontagna also publishes a list of walks available to the public led by a guide.

Sibillini Mountains, Le Marche, Italy

Winter walking in the Sibillini Mountains

Winter walking in the Sibillini Mountains is also possible for the experienced. Routes are described in the National Park guide book, which also points out hazardous areas largely due to avalanche risk. The scenery in the mountains in winter can be quite spectacular, especially if the skies are blue and the sun is shining.

Visit a Casa del Parco for more information

In the Sibillini National Park there are a number of Case del Parco. These are tourist information centres for the park. The main one is in Visso. You can buy all the publications produced by the Sibillini National Park and also get information and help regarding any activities you may wish to participate in.

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